Filipinos often associate catamarans with the word tamad or lazy. This comes from the fact that catamarans operate with two hulls, instead of one like the monohull (a more common type of boat), thus called tamad, because of two hulls doing the work of one.

Catamarans are a class of boat that has two hulls, generally equal in size. The hulls are connected by a structure of some sort. Catamaran hull speeds are very high. catamaran ferry designs are quickly growing in popularity due to their unique advantages.

Catamarans are, in general, faster than single hull boats. This is due to several factors, the most important of which is the hull shape. Catamarans are considerably more stable than a monohull.  As such, they do not bang back and forth in swells.Catamarans are much wider than monohulls and therefore provide enormous space . Catamaran ferries are also more fuel-efficient.